James Leach

Ok, I am starting this medical fund for my Uncle Jimmy because he is in end stage kidney failure and it waiting for a transplant. We are looking for a possible living donor and a few people have been tested and we are still in the testing process.

His medical expenses and medicines are very expensive. He is exhausting all measures with paying for this and many have already dug deep to help him out.

My philosophy is to work smarter NOT harder. If we can find fund raisers, etc. to help out with getting him the extra money he needs why not do it. Social services has been a joke, they basically told this man he makes $5 over the income limit to get services.

James Leach

We are doing a Partylite candle fund raiser for him right now. I know we are also planning on doing a fund raiser through Linen World too that you can buy dish towels to show your support.

50% of all Candle Sales and 100% of all direct Donations will go directly to Mr. Leach.

If you want to just donate funds to help him out, you can do that by clicking on the Donate button below, or the Donate button on the Partylite Fundraiser page. You can enter any amount you like.