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What the Heck is Hosting?

Hosting is the physical location where all the files for your website reside.

Do I Really Need Hosting?

The short answer is yes you do need Hosting if you want your Domain to point to your information on the internet.*

For example, if you want people to go to YourHappyDomain.com and actually see something you create(or someone creates for you), then yes, you need Hosting, although there is always an exception. If you already have a site somewhere – such as a MySpace site you want to direct all your website traffic to instead of making another complete website – you can Forward your Domain to that other website URL(or an IP address).

With Forwarding, when anyone enters your Domain in their browser, they will be redirected, or forwarded, to whatever forwarding address you have on file. If you entered YourOwnHappyNewDomain.com in your browser’s address bar, and your Domain has a Forwarding address of MySpace.com/yourhappymyspacepage, the MySpace page will be shown in your browser.

You can also Mask the forwarded domain so only your domain name(YourHappyDomain.com) shows in the browser while you are on the other(Example:MySpace.com/whoami) website.

Can I Host my Website on my Home Computer?

Yes, you can, but it’s not completely free as you may suppose or without its own set of issues to address. Whether you want to dedicate and maintain a computer with a fast and reliable connection as your website server and pay for a static IP address, or just let a Hosting company(such as JMJ) do all the work for you is completely up to you. Click Here for an article that covers all the basics of setting up your computer to host your own website. In this case, you would point your Domain to the Static IP Address you will have to purchase from your Internet Provider.

You can also use a Search Engine, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, to find more information on creating your own home-based web page servers.

What does JMJ provide with a Hosting purchase?

JMJ provides Free Forwarding with every Domain purchase, so you can use this feature as soon as your domain is approved by the ICANN registry(you will be notified by email when this is done).

Just a Few of the MANY Features JMJ provides are: 24×7 FTP Access, Best-of-Breed Routers, firewalls and servers, Web Site Statistics, Free Setup!, Daily Backups, 24×7 Monitoring, 24×7 Email & Web-Based Tech Support, and 24×7 Physical Security.

If you use the DIY option, you will see an intuitive interface to control all of your Hosting features, including simple click-through installations of popular web-based programs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Zencart, phpBB. Click Here to see over 50 Value Added Applications available with your JMJ Hosting purchase.

To see ALL of the MANY Free Features and Options provided by JMJ with your Hosting purchase, please go to the JMJ DIY Store Hosting Page.

* You can own a Domain Name and just use it for email, or reserve it for later use, but when someone attempts to go to your Domain on the internet, they will just get an error page. To resolve this, JMJ automatically provides a Free Starter Page and Hosting with the JMJ banner at the top. If you see that page, your Domain is active on the internet. At JMJ, we suggest that you should purchase a hosting plan as soon as possible so that your website will be banner-free and you can control all of the content.

There is an extensive amount of info on Hosting and Servers in the JMJ Help Center

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