November 11, 2008

This is John Carver, Troy Carver’s cousin, and I wanted to chime in and let the world know a little about Troy. Music has been in his family since before he was born. His parents have a singing talent that rivals few people in the music industry today. This talent runs in Troy’s veins. Troy is sincere and loves God with all his heart. His music will pick you up when you’re down and cause you to look to the ONE who can make all things well. Troy’s music will lighten your heavy load and enable you to see God’s mercy in your life like never before. He is a man I highly recommend.

June 10, 2008

So David fed them according to the integrity of his heart and guided them by the skillfulness of his hands. Psalm 78:72

Troy Carver leads worship according to the integrity of his heart and the skillfulness of his hands.

Integrity of Heart….In Truth and Spirit, Troy seeks the face of God and stirs the hearts of worshippers as he sings and plays. He is not shackled by the fear or the lure of performance but earnestly desires that he and others would encounter God personally and intimately. Flexible and discerning, Troy embraces the needs of community of believers, meets them where they are musically, and grows with them spiritually.

Skillfulness of Hands….Diverse in his capability and precise in his ability, Troy is able to bring both energy in celebration and sensitivity in contemplation at the right moment for the right engagement of God. He plays technically and freely. His worship team is professional yet personable…prayerful and enjoyable.

With joy and expectation, I would recommend Troy for any of your worship needs. From retreats to worships services, he is focused in heart and faithful in hands.

Pastor Rich Culp

Westminster Bible Church

March 22, 2008

Troy was our worship leader for a retreat we recently held for men in my church. For this particular engagement, Troy played solo guitar before each lesson, to help focus our thoughts on the Lord.

All I can say is “Wow!” Troy was energetic, well-prepared and extremely engaging. He’s a superb musician, with a marvelous singing voice. What is more impressive, however, is the way he focused on God and our Savior. The singing and worship wasn’t ever about Troy — it was solely about the Father and Son. Troy did not insert himself in any way; he simply glorified the Lord through his music and leading the men in worship.

I had a little window into Troy’s heart for worship on the final evening of our retreat. Prior to the last worship session, I saw Troy looking through the music he selected. He told me he felt God’s leading in another direction, and inspired by the Spirit, changed the session to fit more into the Lord’s will for us. I was struck by Troy’s desire to make worship totally about, and led by, God — even if it meant making major alterations to his song set.

Every man in our group was caught up by Troy’s wonderful musicianship and love for the Lord. He lifted us in spirit, and brought us closer to our Creator. I told him after he finished that I wanted to bring him to our church one Sunday to lead worship, I enjoyed it so much.

I would highly recommend Troy as a worship leader in any setting, for any event, whether it’s a Sunday service, men’s retreat, or conference or carnival, for that matter. He has a tremendous gift from God, and is using it to further His kingdom in a special way.

Keith Ward

Westminster Bible Church

March 16, 2008


Thanks for leading worship at the Men’s retreat for Westminster Bible Church this weekend. The worship was amazing and I feel like my walk is back in the right gear after being in Neutral or reverse for a bit.

Thanks again for your awesome music and heart!!

February 2008

Hello Troy,

Blessings in the name of the Lord.

My name is Jorge L. Maldonado and I was one of the guest speakers at the marriage conference. Right before you and your group arrived I was speaking on vision, obedience fruitfulness. Being led by the Holy Spirit I could see the tearing down as the spirit of the Lord was moving.

We then went to have lunch while you were setting up praise and worship. When we entered into worship is when it got better because you said, “I feel in my spirit saying this words, dreams, vision, obedience and fruitfulness”. WOW, this words were a affirmation of what the spirit was saying. As you were speaking the presence of God was so powerful that it got me down to my knees and all I could do was to worship His majesty.

I just want to let you know, keep up the good work and continue to stay connected with heaven. You are part of this generation that God is raising up in these last day’s. Men and women with no names but full of the power of the Holy Spirit to do and accomplish God’s work in this great harvest that is before us.

Troy , also remember that God is restoring the tabernacle of David, Amen!

God bless you my brother and your group.

Jorge L. Maldonado

February 2008


We thank YOU and your members for coming and leading worship at the marriage conference….we all wanted to keep going! The rest of the day was right on schedule and nobody cared about breaks – we were just still filled up from your session!

Thank you also for your obedience to our Lord…..during your time, I don’t know if you could see the gentleman, Jorge, but he just broke down…..everything the Lord had put through him just an hour earlier was being confirmed by what you were saying! He was overwhelmed by the way our Lord works!

Several people said it on Saturday evening, “That man is anointed”……..they are talking about you. It’s very clear to us that you are.

Thank you….be very, very blessed today,

Rhonda Cleverland

December 2007

To the members of “the Troy Carver band”,

How can we ever thank you for the amazing worship experience you gifted to our church. *WOW* We were unprepared for the level of professionalism and spectacular talents you shared with us. Your music took us away and invited Jesus in.

Most of all, your sincerity and worshipful, prayerful messages were beautiful and inspiring. You are truly servants of the Lord and have blessed us so very much.

God bless you all in your ministry and in your families.

Covenant UMC Youth

Anita Stonebraker

September 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to offer my highest recommendation for the music and ministry of Troy Carver. I have known Troy for eighteen years and have watched the growth of his faith, faithfulness, and heart for ministry. All of the members of his band and those assisting are gracious, helpful, and devoted to providing excellence in music with a genuine heart for worship.

We have had Troy come and lead our congregation in worship on multiple occasions, and I would not hesitate to have them back for ministry. The response of our people has been quite positive both for the musical quality and the worship experience. Troy has touched our congregation in a positive way, and I look forward to the continued blessing that they will be as they reach out in ministry.

I commend Troy Carver to you highly. He and his group will be blessing to your church or ministry.


Rev. Floyd E. Westbrook
Westminster Gathering Place

August 2005

Dear Troy,

I wanted to thank you for leading us in worship at Holy Apostles. You brought a new gentle breeze of the Lord to us. There were many components of the worship that occurred.

One song brought me into heaven where I was worshiping with other saints and angels the glory of our Lord. I had been missing my father and other people, I knew who had died, but were now present with the Lord. So it seemed as if I were transferred into the reality of worshiping the Lord with all the Saints in light. What a comfort and a joy to have that truth and gift.

The worship made me aware of His love for me and my love for Him – like oneness. At times I did not want anyone to speak, so as not to break or interrupt this oneness. Worship is eternal and I could see how one could want to worship the Lord forever and never be bored. You are immersed in a beautiful expression and presence of perfect love.

Two things I don’t want to end is worship and Holy Communion. I have a difficult time coming out of both. Both are so intimate.

So I thank you for imparting the Lord to us through worship. That is an incredible gift the Lord has given you. To be sensitive to sing to Him and allow Him to sing through you. Breathing Him in and out. Preparing us to receive Him.

Thank you, Troy , for giving of His gift and call on you.

God Bless you more & more in the depths of His love!

Debbie Concanon