I’d love to consider leading worship at your church, festival, men’s or women’s event. If you think that is something you’d like to explore then please check out these options and get in touch.

I have a number of different live playing options:

  • Solo – My guitar and I
  • Full band – acoustic guitar, drums, bass, electric guitar & keyboards..

The following information would be very helpful.

  1. The nature of the event (ie; a church service, a festival, conference or special event).
  2. Date and time of the event.
  3. Estimated number you expect in attendance.
  4. Which of the above line-ups do you think might work best for your setting?
  5. Do you need me to supply PA & sound gear?

Whilst I don’t want cost to be something that prevents us working together, ideally if my expenses are covered plus an offering or fee then I, and my trustees are happy (I’m accountable to a board of trustees).

If that seems prohibitive and you’d still like to consider the options let’s talk and work something out!

Please use the  Contact form on this site to send an email directly to Troy!